Microdosing XP truffles

    Order 100% organic Microdosing XP truffles 'Mini Mexicana'. The original fresh and legal psilocybin-containing truffle from the Netherlands. These are ready-made, +-1 gram vacuum packed magic truffles (latin name: Psilocybe Mexicana).

    Taking between 0.5 grams and 2 grams, with this convenient packaging microdosing is very easy. We offer only the original organic microdosing XP truffles developed by the first truffle growing facility in the Netherlands: Freshmushrooms LTD.

    Keep your fresh Microdosing XP truffles in the fridge! Shelf life +- 8 weeks. Microdosing XP truffles will keep for 8 to 10 days outside the refrigerator. The weight of the portion may vary.

    EU countries: Truffles are legal in Holland and can therefore be sent to all EU countries under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission.

    • 6 x +-1 grams ready-to-eat fresh Microdosing XP Truffles 'Mexicana', vacuum packed in convenient portions.
    • XP points to the key aspects of a microdosing journey with these truffles:
    • eXPloration, eXPerience and eXPanding perspective.
    • The XP strips are vacuum sealed per 3 portions, divided by a vacuum line across the center.
    • So use first one of the 3 portions on the left, and then the other 3 portions on the right. Portions can vary in weight between 0,8 and 1,2 gram.
    • Cut as close to the truffles as possible. This will avoid breaking the vacuum seal of the other servings.
    • Always keep your fresh Microdosing XP truffles in the fridge!
    • Expiration date: +-8 weeks

    How to keep the truffles fresh?

    • Always store in the fridge.
    • Unopened, shelf life is 8 weeks.
    • Once opened or exposed to oxygen, consume the truffles within 2-3 days.

    How to dose?

    A microdose is about 0.5 to 2 grams of Microdosing XP Truffles.
    If you are unexperienced, start your microdose experiment with 0,5 portion (0,5 gram) in the morning. Simply eat them, or mix with a small amount of food (f.e. yoghurt, peanut butter). You can also make tea: mash the truffles, put them in a tea filter and steep in hot water for 15 minutes, then drink.
    Make a serious effort to find the dose that works best for you. Your ideal dose is called the sweet spot. As a rule of thumb: you should be able to function normally during your daily activities and social interactions on a microdosing day. You should NOT experience visual disturbances, exhaustion, distraction, dizziness or agitation. One misconception is that you can't feel anything from a microdose; when you’ve found your sweet spot you will experience a noticeable effect (an enhancement) but not too strongly.

    What’s the best protocol?

    Option 1: James Fadiman's microdosing protocol is the ideal basis for a first cycle. This is a 3-day schedule: 1 day on, 2 days off, which you will follow for 4 to 10 weeks. It’s advised to pause for 2 to 4 weeks before starting a new cycle.
    Option 2: The Microdosing Institute protocol. This is a 2-day schedule: 1 day on, 1 day off, which you will follow for 4 to 10 weeks. It’s advised to pause for 2 to 4 weeks before starting a new cycle.
    Please note: no matter the protocol, there should be at least 1 day in between your microdosing days, in order to avoid physical and psychological tolerance.
    Try it for a month to find out if it's benefiting you. If this is the case, you may continue your microdose trajectory.

    More information

    Much more education, information, research projects and a community of thousands of microdosers is freely accessible through or
    Instagram: @microdosinginstitute and

    More guidance

    The team at Microdosing Institute specializes in microdosing consulting and coaching (via Zoom or Skype). No matter what your motivation for microdosing is, their coaches expertly help you set up your personalised routine and protocol, integrate microdosing into your daily life, track your results and optionally stack with other beneficial practices. Additionally they offer professional guidance as you move forward on the path of awareness and personal growth.
    ·       Personal consultations and coaching
    ·       Online video course Explore Microdosing
    Visit or

    Expanding of the microdosing XP truffles package

    It can happen that the vacuum packaging bulges or expands. Fresh (live) truffles give off CO2. It is not oxygen, the truffles are still vacuum-packed and safe to take. This has no further influence on the quality and shelf life of the truffles.

    The expansion of the package due to the CO2 is a natural process. The fresh truffles taste slightly different and dry, so there may be some moisture to see, which is not a problem for a safe intake.

    If the 3 by 3 vacuum-packed portions mix with each other because of the bulge, please send a picture, so we can send it to the producer and discuss compensation, so we can accommodate you.

    Microdosing XP truffles: Swallow or Chew? 

    When the immediate effect is too strong during the first hour, or when the truffles taste disgusting, you can choose to swallow them directly. This creates a kind of time-release effect, which some people find more pleasant. For higher doses, we do not recommend this. Then it is better to chew the truffles well or make a tea of them.

    Important! Do not use

    • When you are under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, grieving or feeling physically unwell.
    • Do not use psilocybyin containing truffles if you suffer from bad kidneys. 
    • With psychiatric challenges such as: severe anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, paranoia, bipolar disorder, psychosis or suicidality.
    • Do not use in combination with SSRIs and other anti-depressants, tramadol, lithium

    Legal note

    Although they contain the Schedule I substance, psilocybin, Microdosing XP Truffles are fully legal to produce, trade, possess and use therapeutically in the Netherlands. Most countries do not impose controls on this biological substance, but we advise to consult the local legislation in your country before ordering this product.

    Hierbij bevestig ik dat ik ouder dan 18 jaar ben. Wij verkopen uitsluitend producten voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar.