We’ve bundled all the supplies to measure, prepare and store your own microdoses.

Based on the most widely used teacher plants, funghi and substances, we’ve created toolkits that contain everything for accurate and effective microdosing. We include all the necessary tools including a scale, grinder, capsule maker and capsules.

These microdosing products are a must if you want to microdose accurately and store your microdoses safely throughout the year. The quantities in these toolkits are more than enough for a microdosing experiment of at least two months.

Why use a toolkit?

Dosage: fine-tune to your ideal dosage or sweet spot.
Control: you have complete control over what you take and how much.
Long shelf life: in dry form, your microdoses will keep for up to a year.
Price: this is the most economical way of microdosing.

Are you interested in ready-made microdoses? Then the fresh, Dutch grown Microdosing XP truffles are a great solution.

Hierbij bevestig ik dat ik ouder dan 18 jaar ben. Wij verkopen uitsluitend producten voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar.