Shipping and delivering

    • How long does it take when my package arrives?

      As soon as we receive your payment with Bank Transfer (international)  which can take up to 5 working days, we will ship your product right away. Shipping can take up to 8 working days. Depending on the service of your local postal service.

    • How to ensure your order is delivered safely?

      In order to help us deliver your order safely, please ensure that your address is written correctly. If you have any special requests regarding delivery, please write them in the customer note section when placing your order. If you make a mistake when placing your order, please email us immediately at info@microdose.nl.

      We cannot be held accountable for any orders

      that get lost due to incorrect addresses. 

    • What if I filled in a wrong address and the package is already been sent?

      Microdose.nl is not responsible if the package is not delivered correctly because an incorrect address was entered. It is your own responsibility to fill in your data correctly. 


    • What are the shipping costs for my country?

      Netherlands             € 6,00     Free shipping above € 40,00 

      Belgium                  € 7,00     Free shipping above € 150,00

      Germany                € 7,25     Free shipping above € 150,00

      France                    € 13,00    Free shipping above € 150,00

      Spain                     € 14,00   Free shipping above € 150,00

      Portugal                 € 15,00    Free shipping above € 150,00

      Greece                  € 24,00    Free shipping above € 150,00

      Italy                     € 13,00   Free shipping above € 150,00

      Poland                  € 17,00    Free shipping above € 150,00

      Luxembourg         € 9,50     Free shipping above € 150,00

      Hungary              € 17,00   Free shipping above € 150,00

      Bulgaria              € 24,00  Free shipping above € 150,00  

      Estonia                € 23,00  Free shipping above € 150,00 

      Croatia                € 24,00  Free shipping above € 150,00 

      Latvia                 € 24,00  Free shipping above € 150,00 

      Slovakia              € 14,00 Free shipping above € 150,00                

      Czech Republic    € 14,00 Free shipping above € 150,00                

      Ireland                € 16,50 Free shipping above € 150,00  

      Lithuania             € 24,00  Free shipping above € 150,00

      Malta                  € 24,00  Free shipping above € 150,00

      Romania              € 24,00  Free shipping above € 150,00

      Slovenia              € 18,00  Free shipping above € 150,00

    • Are Magic Truffles and growkits legal in my country?

      Legal status

      In the Netherlands, Smartshops are 100% legal companies and in the Netherlands, all products we sell that are intended for consumption are controlled under the Commodities Act and the supervision of The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). 

      The Coordination Point Assessment and Monitoring of new drugs (CAM is part of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)) has carried out a risk assessment for sclerotia a.k.a. hallucinogenic / magic truffles. The CAM concluded that the number of health incidents related to the use of sclerotia is very low. Based on the CAM report, the Netherlands decided not to prohibit sclerotia.

      From a letter dated 13 September 2001 from Herbert Schaepe, secretary of the UN International Narcotics Control Commission, to the Dutch Ministry of Health: 

      "Under international law there are currently no plants (natural material) containing psilocin and psilocybin under the control of the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances". 

      In most UN member states plants (natural material) containing psilocin and psilocybin are apparently legal. Within the E.U. there is the right to free movement of goods. However, countries with restrictive drug policies have changed their laws. We do not have the resources to check whether sclerotia and magic mushroom grow kits are legal or not in every EU Member State. We strongly advise you to first investigate and determine whether sclerotia or magic mushroom grow kits are legal in the country where you live and where you want to take or have the sclerotia or magic mushroom grow kits sent to. If you buy sclerotia or magic mushroom grow kits in our stores in the Netherlands and take them with you across the border, or buy sclerotia or magic mushroom grow kits online from us and have them sent to an E.U. country outside the Netherlands, you do this entirely at your own risk and you automatically safeguard Microdose NL from any form of legal liability.

      European Law

      EU trade law says that if a product is legal in 1 EU country it is therefor in effect legal in ALL EU countries. So in case our types of products are not allowed by your government: the ban in your country is illegal, not our products. This logic follows from the jurisprudence which relegalized absinthe in the EU. 

      Our products are 100% legal in Holland. There is no priority for custom control in EU countries to look for shroom products. Health risks for shrooms are very low, when compared with other drugs such as alcohol or cocaine.

    • From what amount do you ship for free?

      Within the Netherlands we offer free shipping above  €40,-

      Within the EU we offer free shipping above  €150,-

    • Is my order packed discreetly?

      Yes, we pack all our products in brown normal boxes, with only a shipping label.

    • Forgot to pick up the order at the local Postal pickup point?

      When you forgot pick up the order at the Post.nl collection point and the order is returned to Microdose.nl the responsibility lies with the customer.

      After payment of new shipping costs, we will resend the order with the exception of Fresh Magic Truffles. These fresh products are unfortunately no longer usable and we have to destroy them. The customer will have to order and pay for them again.

    Product tips and questions

    • I get a Flush from Niacin. Is this harmfull?

      You have experienced the Flushing effect caused by Niacin. Vit. B3. This is mentioned in the guidelines. This has nothing to do with an allergic reaction. https://microdosinginstitute.com/lions-mane-stacking/

      Please take half a pill next time. If the flushing is still unpleasant, take a quarter of stop taking the Niacin.

      This Flushing is normal and can do no harm and according to Paul Stamets this flush is the reason why psilocybin and Lion's mane pass through the blood/brain barrier, to the tips of the neurons, where neuroplasticity takes place. Nice story of course, but if you find it an unpleasant feeling, you can halve your intake of niacin. If you don't like it at all, you can also continue without the niacin.



    • How do I take the Mushrooms extracts from Foodsporen.?

      You take the drops under your tongue and keep them in your mouth for a minute before you swallow. So that the glands under your tongue can absorb it immediately. You can then drink a glass of water afterwards. The mention of carbonated drinks is a formality, because it can very rarely happen that people suffer from nausea, so it has to be mentioned.

    • Is the 1cP-LSD equally on the Microdosing blotters?

      Due to the procedure of making the blotters, there is no more than 2% difference in the blotters. The procedure is as follows:

      • Container with liquid,
      • Sheet blotter paper, soak it in,
      • Press the liquid out, loosen and 'shake' the stack, then put it back in,
      • Repeat until there is no more liquid
      • Each blotter is soaked in liquid in which the 1cP-LSD is uniformly distributed.
      • The paper is then saturated until nothing more can be added.
      • Then the blotter paper sheets are separated.
      • The blotter paper sheets are laid flat to dry. 
      • After drying they are ready to be sold.

    Which countries we do and don't ship

    • To which countries within EU you do not ship?

      We ship to most countries within the EU. (Europe) For Germany, the exception is that we do not ship Research molecules.

      Unfortunately, we do not ship to these countries due to customs problems:

      • United Kingdom
      • Northern Ireland
      • Austria
      • Norway
      • Sweden
      • Finland
      • Denmark
      • Switzerland
      • Malta
      • Canary Islands (Spain)

      Please note that all our products are legal in the Netherlands. You are responsible for checking the legality in your own country. We are not responsible for the product being confiscated at customs. It is up to you to check that your order is legal in your country. 

    • De you ship to my country?

      We ship our products only within the EU (Europe) to the following countries:

      • Netherlands   (Free delivery above €40)
      • Belgium         (Free above €150,-)
      • Germany        (with exception Research chemicals)
      • France            (Free above €150,-)
      • Spain             (Free above €150,-)
      • Portugal         (Free above €150,-)
      • Greece           (Free above €150,-)
      • Italy               (Free above €150,-)
      • Poland           (Free above €150,-)
      • Luxembourg   (Free above €150,-)
      • Hungary         (Free above €150,-)
      • Bulgaria          (Free above €150,-)
      • Estonia           (Free above €150,-)
      • Croatia           (Free above €150,-)
      • Latvia             (Free above €150,-)
      • Lithuania         (Free above €150,-)
      • Romania          (Free above €150,-)
      • Slovenia          (Free above €150,-)
      • Slovakia           (Free above €150,-)
      • Czech Republic  (Free above €150,-)
    • Do you ship outside the EU (Europe)?

      No, we do not ship outside of the EU, so only in Europe due to legality. So no shipping to:

      • USA
      • Canada
      • South-America
      • Central-America
      • North-America
      • Asia
      • Australia
      • New-Sealand




    • Why don't you ship your Research Chemicals to Germany?

      Since 01-07-2021 Germany banned the Research Chemicals 1P-LSD and 1cP-LSD. So that is why we only ship to Countries where our products are legal.

    Questions about microdosing

    • What does 'Not for human consumption' mean what is mentioned for Research Chemical products?

      Because 1cP-lsd is a Research Chemical and is not approved by the Food Law as food, we are obliged to mention that 1cP is only meant for research purposes and not for human consumption. 

      See it a bit like LSD, or cocaine which is not legal, also not approved. Only a dealer will not mention that it is not approved by the Commodities Act.

    • Can Microdosing heal my depression or burn-out?

      Microdosing does not usually cure depression/ burn-outs. It is a tool or support to help you heal your own depression. You are the main actor in this process, not the microdosing. It points to what you need to work on. When you realise this, (as with all therapies and methods) then you can certainly alleviate depression, but it is not a quick fix for all problems.

      With a realistic view on microdosing you can often get the most out of yourself, which can certainly contribute to your healing process.



    • Why can I only microdose for 1 to 2 months?

      Microdosing is above all less is more. It is about gaining insights during your microdosing course and integrating those insights into your life. A successful microdosing course is when you no longer need it as support. You are the main character in this story, the substance you use is the means and support.

      After a month of microdosing, you should actively look back at what you have experienced, learned and what you still have to learn. After 2 to 4 weeks your receptors will be reset and you can start again. Psychedelics build up a tolerance very quickly. So when you use it too long, it loses its power. 


    • Filled in wrong address?

      Some courier and postal services charge a fee if the address is incorrect. For example, it sometimes happens that the postcode and address do not match. The costs resulting from such incidents are for the customer, not for Microdose.nl. 

      So make sure your address is always correct! 

      Check it again before sending. 

      If the package is returned to Microdose.nl we will certainly send it again. The costs for the second shipment will be for the customer.

    • Do I have to check if the product I order is legal in my country?

      Yes, the customer is responsible for checking if the products and substances are legal in their country. Microdose.nl cannot be held responsible when customs take in your order. 

    Tips Microdosing XP truffles

    • How do I take in the Microdosing XP truffles

      If the immediate effect is too strong in the first hour, or if you find the truffles taste disgusting, you can also swallow the fresh truffles in 1x, as mentioned on the XP flyer. The active substance is released more slowly, which gives a more time-release effect.

      It is also fine to chew the Microdosing XP truffles well and or cut them into little pieces to make tea from them. 

    • Can I store the Truffles after the expire date?

      If you want to keep the truffles longer, it is best to take them out of the package, slice them finely, lay them on a tea towel to dry and then grind them and keep them dark and dry for longer storage.

    Hierbij bevestig ik dat ik ouder dan 18 jaar ben. Wij verkopen uitsluitend producten voor mensen die ouder zijn dan 18 jaar.