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    Magic Truffles

    Here you can find our full range of magic truffles. The truffles we offer are grown with great care and attention (in the Netherlands) and are always fresh and available from stock. Would you like to know more about this special natural product? Be sure to check out the information further down this page, where we explain more about the effects and what to look out for when you purchase magic truffles online.

    Please note: Do not use magic truffles (or other psychedelic substances) in the following cases; if you are pregnant, suffer from or have a predisposition to psychoses or other psychological disorders, if you are depressed or if you use drugs, medication or alcohol. Do not operate machinery or participate in traffic when you have consumed truffles. Truffles are only intended for persons of age 18 years and older. See also 'set and setting'.

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    What are magic truffles?

    Magic truffles are the underground "tubers," or fungi, of a special type of mushroom. They are also called sclerotia. When ingested, truffles create a psychedelic experience. This is also called a trip or inner journey (journey). This is because of the active ingredient, psilocybin. This is the same substance found in magic mushrooms. These truffles have been sold for years, mostly in Dutch smartshops, but nowadays also online. 

    Magic truffles can be taken in very small quantities (see our microdosing XP truffles), but also in higher doses. This is sometimes called a "macro" or "journey" dose.  

    A truffle trip can make a big impression, and good preparation is very important. If you are reading this you are already well on your way!

    What are the effects of magic truffles?

    Magic truffles are a psychedelic drug and provide a trip, sometimes referred to as an 'inner journey'. A trip lasts about 5 to 7 hours. After-effects can sometimes persist for a few hours afterward. It is also recommended to make sure you have no plans or obligations after this. You can then 'land' from your experience more carefree and relaxed. 

    Truffles can make you experience reality in a different way. Your thoughts may change, and people sometimes get creative ideas or inspiration during their trip. That is why truffles are sometimes called philosopher's stones. During a trip you may feel different than 'normal'. Also, colors and sounds (and therefore music) can be experienced as more intense. You may see distortions and objects, or people, may look funny, causing laughter. If you close your eyes you sometimes see all sorts of fantastic figures, shapes and colors. These are called 'closed eye visuals'. 

    The truffles can put you in a kind of dream world. How your trip goes depends on a number of things. In general, the effects of magic truffles are stronger when you take more truffles. Do you have little or no experience with truffles or other trip aids? Then it may be wise to start with a somewhat lower dosage.

    The trip effect of truffles can also cause all kinds of thoughts to surface. This can sometimes be confronting. That is why truffles are also being researched by scientists for use in therapy. It can bring people to feelings that are deeply hidden. This also applies to less pleasant or unpleasant emotions. Good and professional guidance (from an experienced therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist) is important. We therefore advise against taking truffles if you are not feeling well or suffer from (severe) psychological issues. See also 'set and setting'.

    Dosage: how many grams of fresh truffles should I take? 

    People often ask the question: what is a good dosage for magic truffles? It depends on the effect, or type of trip you want to experience. How much experience you have and where and with whom you are (see also 'set and setting') also plays a role. Below we give an indication of what you can expect (approximately!) at what quantity. 

    Take on an empty stomach?

    Make sure you don't eat anything 2 to 4 hours before you take the truffles. Before that time you can eat a light meal.

    • Microdose: 0,5-2 grams of fresh truffles. A microdose does not cause a trip. The effect is sub-perceptual: you notice very little (to nothing) or is very subtle. On Microdosing Institute you can read all about microdosing.
    • Light to mild trip: 5 to 9 grams of fresh truffles. This is often a dose considered appropriate if someone is tripping for the first time. The effect is usually mild and not too overwhelming.
    • Medium-high dose: 10 to 15 grams of fresh truffles. An average dose where 
    • High dose (very strong effect): up to 15 to 25 grams gives a very strong experience. This is not recommended for many people!

    Note: how sensitive someone is to the effect of magic truffles can vary greatly from person to person! If you are in doubt, or have no experience yet, it is often wise to start with a lower dosage.

    Set and setting: important to know when tripping

    Taking truffles can be quite exciting. Whether it's for the first time or if you've already tripped several times. Good preparation is half the battle. You may or may not have heard of the term 'set and setting'. It was renowned psychedelic researcher Timothy Leary who first coined this term. 

    Briefly, set and setting is about where (setting) you are when you are tripping, and how you are there (set).

    • Set: refers to mindset. The mental state; thoughts, desires, feelings, general mood and any preconceptions or expectations about what you are about to experience.
    • Setting: refers to the physical and social environment in which the trip takes place. Are you in a place where you feel safe? For example, with close friends whom you trust? Is the house nicely decorated and tidy? That can have a positive impact on your trip. Are you at a very busy festival, with people you don't know very well? Or have you just had a big fight? Then that can have a negative impact on your trip.  

    Online you can find many experiences of people who have taken truffles. Or maybe you know someone who has taken truffles before? Ask them about their experiences, that might help to get an idea of what to expect. Although it has to be said: no trip is the same, and can vary considerably from person to person. This is (partly!) due to the set and setting. 

    It is often recommended to keep the day after taking the truffles free. This gives you some extra time to process all the impressions you gained during the trip. 

    What are the side effects of magic truffles?

    There may be some side effects during the trip, such as mild nausea and an accelerated heart rate and diluted pupils. This can sometimes be annoying, but know that this is temporary and often goes away on its own. This is often called "bodyload. Often people experience this a bit more at the beginning of the trip and then it soon subsides. 

    How do I take truffles?

    You can take magic truffles in different ways. The most obvious way is to simply eat them. By chewing well, the active substances are absorbed faster. The taste is somewhat special, a little walnut-like, with a sour aftertaste. You can also mix the truffles with some yogurt and honey.

    1. Another way is to make truffle tea. A step-by-step plan:
    2. Cut the truffles fine into small pieces. You can also crush them with a large knife or object. This allows the active substances (including psilocybin) to be absorbed better.
    3. Boil the water in a kettle. Important: Let the water cool for a while afterwards. Boiling water causes the substances in truffles to break down. A temperature of up to 70c is fine, preferably no higher!
    4. Add the truffles and the water in a jug. Now let the truffles steep in the water for 20 minutes.
    5. Strain the tea water from the truffles with a sieve. Press the mixture of truffles well through the sieve.
    6. Add some honey for flavor and to sweeten. Optionally, you can also add a tea bag.

    Your truffle tea is now ready to use!

    Please note: Do not use magic truffles (or other psychedelic substances) in the following cases; if you are pregnant, suffer from or have a predisposition to psychoses or other psychological disorders, if you are depressed or if you use drugs, medication or alcohol. Do not operate machinery or participate in traffic when you have consumed truffles. Truffles are only intended for persons of age 18 years and older. See also 'set and setting'.

    How to store truffles

    Fresh magic truffles can be kept in the original (unopened packaging!) for up to two months in the refrigerator. After opening the package you should use them within 6 to 8 days.  

    You can also dry the truffles. Then they can be kept for up to a year. Keep in mind that the truffles will become rock hard. It helps to cut them finely and store them airtight. You will also have to pay close attention to the dosage. Because almost all the moisture evaporates, only a small part of the truffles remains. When drying 1 gram of fresh truffles, you will be left with about 0.3 grams of dried truffles.

    Why buy magic truffles from Microdose?

    At microdose.nl, we think it's important that the truffles we offer come from a reliable source. That they are grown with care, attention and passion. For this we work with the country's most experienced truffle grower. The truffles we offer are guaranteed fresh, high quality, from Dutch soil and contain a very consistent amount of psilocybin.


    It is not possible for us to always be fully informed of the (changing) rules regarding our products abroad. Full responsibility for the purchase of these products, therefore, lies with the customer. Before ordering our products from abroad, the customer must ensure that the goods can be legally imported into the country to which the order must be sent.

    We also find knowledge and good information very important. Do you have any questions that are not answered on this page? Then feel free to get in touch, we would love to help you!


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