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    Shambala drops vs. Open Up: experiences and differences

    Shambala drops vs. Open Up: experiences and differences

    Shambala drops vs. Open Up: experiences and differences

    For a long time, we have an extract in our product range named Open Up. It's an extract of the two teacher plants Banisteriopsis caapi and Bobinsana. Since August, this extract is in the spotlight again. Giel Beelen (Kukuru) and Jesse van der Velde recently launched a microdosing product: Shambala drops. 

    As far as the experiences of Giel and Jesse are concerned, these drops can help you with finding your deeper mission (Giel) and with changing course of your life after a period of conflict (Jesse). So you may wonder, what kind of teacher plants are these? What are the experiences? Is this product commercial nonsense, or is it really about microdosing with an effective medicinal plant?


    b. caapi vine extract

    Open Up Bobinsana and Caapi drops vs. Shambala drops: What's the difference?

    We've done research in order for you to be able to compare both products and make an informed choice. The price difference is notable at first, but there are other aspects that make for differences between these products: plant ratio, alcohol percentage, extraction method and dosage advice when using these drops.

    Shambala drops:

    • Origin: Ecuador
    • Bottle contents: 4,9 ml
    • 98 drops
    • 50% alcohol
    • Ratio: 3 grams caapi / 5,7 grams bobinsana per 1 ml
    • Recommended dosage: 3-9 drops per day
    • Extraction method: Low-Temperature Ultra Sound, and then purified to Broad Spectrum Alkaloid extract. This extraction method has the unique property that hardly any active substances are lost and the synergistic effect of all active substances in the plant is guaranteed. 

    Open Up' bobinsana/caapi drops:

    • Origin: paste from Ecuador 
    • Strength paste: 30:1
    • Content: 20ml (2x10ml bottles)
    • 400 drops approximately
    • 15% alcohol
    • Proportion: 4 gram caapi / 4 gram bobinsana per 1ml (8;1)
    • Recommended dosage: 5-20 drops per day or every other day for a period of 1 month. After that, take a month break.
    • Extraction method: caapi and bobinsana are processed into a thick sticky paste under the supervision of a shaman in the traditional way. This is done by slowly boiling the 30 kilo of fresh plants with natural spring water for 3 times 8 hours. After every 8 hours, they filter the liquid and then boil the clear liquid further until a thick paste of 1 kg remains. The strength is therefore 30:1. This paste is diluted in the Netherlands into a dropletable liquid with demineralised water and with a minimum amount of alcohol (for preservation).   


    In terms of quality, sustainability and fair trade characteristics of the ingredients Bobinsana and Caapi there is no difference at all; the place of origin in Ecuador and the short trade chain of these ingredients are the same. For both products, the two plants are gathered sustainably in the wild in the Ecuadorian Amazon by the local indigenous population. After harvesting, everything is replanted, contributing to a system where the jungle can maintain its biodiversity while generating work and income for the population.

    The main difference between the drops of Shambala and Open Up is the way the ingredients are processed, the extraction method and the final composition. 

    Shambala comes from a technologically advanced and sophisticated manufacturing process, resulting in a highly concentrated formulation with a broad spectrum of active ingredients and with 50% alcohol content.

    Open Up is traditionally manufactured and extracted by local indigenous people, resulting in a less concentrated formulation than Shambala, with a minimum alcohol content of 15% for long shelf life, while retaining as many of the properties of the traditional brew as possible. 


    open up bobinsana caapi

    > Click here to order 'Open Up' Caapi and Bobinsana 


    Experiences and reviews with Open Up and Shambala drops

    In the online community at Microdosing Institute, people share their experiences with all kinds of microdosing substances.

    We share a number of them with you, to give you an idea of what is possible or achievable with the help of these drops. It also shows how differently the effects are experienced. And finally, the experiences also show that it doesn't work for everyone, or that more is perhaps needed than just taking the drops. There is, after all, an essential difference between actively stepping onto the path of consciousness, or merely watching while standing by the side of the road

    Open Up Caapi vine and Bobinsana vs Microdosing XP truffles:

    I did caapi with bobinsana for a month. Everyday 8 drops. I noticed more softness and calmness. Approached from love and not from the struggle. However, my body, gut and level of relaxation didn't notice any result, as I do with the truffles!

    Shambala drops vs Magic truffles:

    I used a bottle of it and experienced some fatigue, just like I did with magic truffles. I have not really experimented with it like with truffles because the bottle was empty in no time:) Googling on the ingredients of shambala led me to the group Microdosing Institute. It is a lot pricier than other substances I have experimented with. So far, however, my preference is for shambala!

    Shambala drops vs Open Up:

    It is mainly my surroundings that seem to notice an experience.... It says in your description that you should feel or notice something after a certain time, I myself feel and notice nothing. Not like with the truffles for example or before with the magic mushrooms or 1cP-LSD or the san pedro cactus. I have also used shambala, through the promotion of Giel Beelen I thought: what is described there, is what I need and miss.... And again, I didn't notice anything right away, but again, those around me noticed a difference. Now it's so that I write all the time that I don't notice anything, which is also true when I compare it to the other MD drugs described earlier, but if I look at the whole thing very honestly and openly, I do notice something. I connect more with myself, I come more from the love and peace that I actually am but have not been able to be in the past (many) years. I am also honest in saying that I am not sure if it is the drops or the consciousness that I am working on. 

    Shambala drops:

    Shambala helps me find my inner peace. When I take Shambala, I notice that I am less rushed and act more from my heart and less in my head. I feel very relaxed but still very powerful and productive. Shambala helps me to really get to my core and shield myself from external noise.

    Pure Caapi Vine:

    I notice that I sleep better. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now, 4 drops a day. There is not much on microdosing specifically with Caapi.... I hope something happens unnoticed, I do it mainly for brain health.

    I liked it, it made me sleep better, I was going through a somewhat difficult phase when I took it and it helped me with that, relieving, comforting.

    I took the highest recommended dose for 2 times a month without noticing anything. So unfortunate! Maybe my expectations were too high. I have read that the effect of b. Caapi is very subtle.

    I have just started caapi vine microdosing, now 7 days into it. I am noticing so many good effects, especially the fact that my rather problematic need for relaxation through alcohol has totally disappeared. I feel much more present. My head is much clearer. I'm actually a little blown away...

    Two things I wanted to say. Firstly, I have gained an insight into how I have limited myself in recent years. Not in a bad way, but I didn't pay that much attention to a part of myself. Meanwhile, I have given myself some more space to feel. I have become a lot more emotional and that is quite nice. Secondly, it also helps me with my ADD. I notice a low threshold and I am much more creative. And I seem to have regained the ability to concentrate long enough to write actively again. Stories and poems. Wonderful to be able to 'work' again, where I could not for years.

    Disclaimer: this series of experiences is a snapshot, no rights can be derived from these descriptions, nor can any claims be made. For a more complete picture of microdosing, you can join the Microdosing Institute Facebook group. This (private) group allows people to ask questions openly and without judgment, to seek advice and share their experiences. 

    Take caution with the following when using caapi and bobinsana drops: 

    When should you not use this substance, or should you consult with your doctor?

    • This product may affect driving ability, do not drive until you know your sweet spot
    • Do not use during pregnancy and lactation
    • Not for children under 18 years
    • Caapi is a MAO-inhibitor and should therefore not be used in combination with certain medications, such as heart medications, antidepressants and other psychopharmaceuticals. In that case you should first consult your doctor.
    • Should you experience side effects, such as headaches, an adjustment in your diet may be sufficient to remedy this. More information about MAO-inhibitors via Microdosing Institute. 
    • In case of mental disorders, consult your doctor or therapist first. 




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