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    NEW: Miraculix Psilocybin Testkit for microdosing

    NEW: Miraculix Psilocybin Testkit for microdosing

    Finally available: Our friends at Miraculix have developed a psilocybin test kit to test the potency of your magic mushrooms or magic truffles so you can microdose even more accurately. Now available at Microdose.nl for €19,95

    Psilocybin Testkit, finally available

    It always remains a challenge to microdose with magic truffles or magic mushrooms. You never know exactly what the strength of your mushroom or truffle is. We have already explained in a previous blog about the research that has been done into the difference between these 2 psilocybin-containing earth medicine. You can read this research here. Magic Truffles or magic mushrooms for microdosing - what is the difference? But how strong are magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

    How much psilocybin do magic truffles and magic mushrooms contain?

    Maybe the biggest question our microdosing community has when microdosing with magic truffles or magic mushrooms is: "How strong is a magic truffle (microdosing xp Truffles) or a magic mushroom? Which kind of truffle should I take to microdosing? Which magic mushroom can I choose best for my personal situation? All these questions will finally become clear with this Psilocybin Q test from Miraculix. 

    best truffles for microdosing

    Who is Miraculix?

    Since last year, Together with Microdosing Institute, we are the proud partner and retailer of Miraculix, a new German start-up in the psychedelic field. As you know, we attach great value to knowing the people behind the products. After a nice conversation with the founder Felix, we quickly found out that we are working with the same intention and mission. Miraculix's corporate values shape our daily interaction, both in their small team, in their dealings with partners and customers and the Microdosing community. Their values are the building blocks on which they manifest their vision. With their products, they offer for the first time uncomplicated ways of measuring the concentration of different active ingredients based on an innovative rapid test. The focus is always on accurate results and easy handling. Their aim is to enable self-determined decisions on a healthy and safe basis.

    Miraculix psilocybine testkit microdose.nlDe bedrijfswaarden van Miraculix geven vorm aan onze dagelijkse interactie, zowel in hun kleine team, in hun omgang met partners en klanten en de Microdosing gemeenschap. Hun waarden zijn de bouwstenen waarop zij hun visie manifesteren. Met hun producten bieden zij voor het eerst een ongecompliceerde manieren van de concentratie van verschillende actieve ingrediënten op basis van een innovatieve sneltest. De focus ligt altijd op nauwkeurige resultaten en eenvoudige bediening. Hun doel is om zelfbepaalde beslissingen mogelijk te maken op een gezonde en veilige basis.

    What makes this Miraculix Psilo Test kit so special?

    The method! Miraculix has deciphered and simplified a scientifically complex procedure so that an analysis that used to be possible only with a lot of money and effort in the laboratory now fits in your pocket.

    Our rapid tests provide information on the quality and quantity of an active substance. Herein lies the greatest innovation in the layman's application of the PSILO Test, and soon also the LSD Test. This does not make the substances safer drugs, but users can decide on the risk to take based on real facts. The Psilocybin Q-Test not only shows whether psilocybin is present or not, but also gives information about the level of concentration.

    This combination is unique, the accuracy of the results is comparable to an HPLC analysis performed in the laboratory! However, our Psilo QTests are much faster: a valid result is available after 15 to 30 minutes.

    And while users often feel overwhelmed and left alone when evaluating the results with comparable products, the Miraculix result can be seen with the naked eye and is so clear that no two opinions are possible.

    The Problem with Dosing

    Psychoactive substances are illegal in many countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Uncontrolled substances that are contaminated, diluted with other active substances or offered in lethal concentrations find their way onto the black market. Serious damage to health or even death are the consequences.

    The solution

    Based on research, Miraculix has succeeded in simplifying a scientifically complex procedure to such an extent that the determination of the concentration of active substances can now be performed with a quantitative rapid test. In this way Miraculix makes it possible to test psychoactive substances affordably, simply and reliably. Serious incidents can thus be reduced to a minimum. Miraculix test kits thus make an important contribution to harm reduction.


    • affordable
    • reliable
    • mobile and easy to use
    • accurate results in minutes
    • easy evaluation via colour scale

    We start with the introduction of the PSILO-QTest. The LSD Testkit will follow shortly.

    Have you ever wondered about the potency of the mushrooms you have grown with your own grow kit? Miraculix has developed the first ever quantitative test kit for psilocybin mushrooms, mycelium sclerotia a.k.a. magic truffles, for home use and we are pleased to introduce this product to the European market.

    If you are going to consume homegrown mushrooms for recreational, spiritual, or therapeutic reasons, such as microdosing, it is vital to have accurate data about the potency of. If you know what the potency is per flight, then you can better determine the ideal dose, which is of course much safer.

    The PSILO-Q test kit is able to accurately determine the psilocybin content of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, mycelium and sclerotia a.k.a. magic truffles, with an accuracy within 10% of a High-performance liquid chromatography test (HPLC is a complex and expensive professional laboratory test method)! The PSILO-Q test is performed in less than 1/2 hour and requires only 150mg of starting material.

    microdose psilocybin testkit

    Order your psilocybin test kit at Microdose.nl

    Contents Psilo Q Testkit

    • Protective gloves
    • Plastic extraction container with extraction fluid and screw cap.
    • Glass container with detection liquid
    • 1 ml syringe
    • Sterifilt (filter for extraction)
    • Blunt cannula
    • Instructions with evaluation scale

    How does the Psilocybin test kit work?

    • Mobile quick test for the determination of the psilocybin content in dried mushroom material (mycelium, fruiting bodies, sclerotia "truffles").
    • Rapid evaluation after 30 minutes.
    • Detection range between 0,1 - 2 % active substance content.
    • Only 150 mg starting material required.
    • Deviation of 10 % from HPLC analysis.
    • Evaluation of the test kits with the naked eye and evaluation scale.
    • The PSILO QTest is carried out in four simple steps:

    Microdose psilocybin testikit guide


    Crush dried mushroom material and mix well. Then weigh out 150 mg of starting material.


    Add the weighed starting material to the extraction solution provided.


    Collect extraction solution and add it to the detection solution.


    Allow the colour complex to develop and evaluate with the evaluation scale.


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