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    Deliqs 'Dose': The only microdosing tracking app you'll ever need

    Deliqs 'Dose': The only microdosing tracking app you'll ever need

    Microdose NL is proud to announce we have teamed up with Sam and Robin from Deliqs and Microdosing Institute. The team of Deliqs has developed the first-of-its-kind Microdosing app for our community that helps you track your microdosing Journey.

    Microdose Tracking app 'Dose'

    Microdose.nl wants to support you as much as possible. So it only made sense to team up and join forces with the Deliqs team and Microdosing Institute to develop the ultimate microdosing tracking app for our community members and customers. 

    The Deliqs Dose app, which is now officially launched. The Microdose tracking app is the perfect companion for tracking and getting the most out of your microdosing journey.

    Microdose tracking: A powerful way to observe and gather insights during your microdosing journey

    We know that some of you are really disciplined in journaling on paper or on our Microdosing notebook (soon available in English), but tracking the daily effects together with your state of mind and getting a detailed oversight after your microdosing cycle can be quite challenging.

    We really feel this app can add something to your experience and helps to elevate your personal shift to a higher level because it makes journaling and tracking very easy. It reminds you not to forget your dose, keeps you focused on your intentions and helps you reflect on your day.

    The Dose app helps you set goals and track achievements

    Get good insights on your progress towards your goals and the changes you notice in your overall well-being and your personality - displayed in easy-to-read graphics. This all makes it easier to adjust your journey, dosage and the practices you use to connect to yourself and reflect.

    One month of Premium access for free!

    The Microdose tracking app 'Dose' is now available for free on iOS and Android. Exclusive for our community, Microdose.nl and Deliqs offer one-month of free access to the 'Premium' paid version of Dose. Use the code MICRODOSEFREE2 to get access for one month. 

    How does it work?

    You will receive a Free access code to use the 'Premium' version of the Tracking app on your next purchase in our shop.

    Download the 'free' version of 'Dose'

    here on iOS 


    or Download the free version of 'Dose'

    here on Android

    Or Use the QR-code

    Fill in the access code you have received with your purchase and enjoy the 'Premium' version for free for one month. Find out how useful it is to your Microdosing journey. 

    4 Reasons to try the Deliqs microdosing app

    • Microdose tracking helps prepare you for your journey
    • Microdose tracking as a tool to keep you on your toes
    • Microdose tracking helps you identify gradual change
    • Microdose tracking as a tool to take action

    For more information about why tracking improves your microdosing experience, check out Sam's blog on Microdosinginstitute.com 

    Enjoy our useful tool!

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